The Old School

St. Genevieve Parish opened its Catholic elementary school on August 29, 1960. It began with grades K-3 (99 students) and an all lay faculty headed by Miss Edna Ledet as principal. It added a grade each year until 1964. In that year, the School Sisters of Notre Dame assumed administration of the school. They were to staff St. Genevieve through 1969.

The school reached its maximum enrolment in 1966 with 308 students, some of the grades having two sections. In 1969, the School Sisters of Notre Dame made the decision to withdraw from St. Genevieve School. After having polled the parents, to determine their feelings, the school board appealed to the parish council for approval of the school family's decision to continue the school with another all lay staff. In March of 1970, the parish council voted unanimously in favor of continuance.

In the 1970-71 school term, St. Genevieve began with a full house of 280 students. 35 in each of eight sections, kindergarten through grade seven.

In 1982, the St. Genevieve Parish Council decided to expand the school with a plan to add a second section to each grade. In 1987, the school adopted the Developmental Kindergarten concept, adding a third section for young kindergartners. In 1991, the last of the eight/sections was added and a new wing was added to the parish/school plant.

Current photograph of the school